Waterfund Insights

Get the most powerful forecasting and modeling tools on the market.

  • A dashboard of financial applications based on proprietary Water Cost Index (WCI) values, developed in conjunction with the Accelerated Discovery Lab at IBM
  • Analytical tools to measure impact on local water costs from changing climate conditions, capital spending and business factors
  • “What-if” scenario analysis and data visualization

Value to government and corporate water managers:

  • Greater insight into outcomes: 
    enables a holistic view of the financial  costs and impact of owning and/or using  water-related assets
  • Greater efficiency in decision-making: 
    widens knowledge of water use impact and  demonstrates immediately the benefits of  operational and technology changes
  • Greater transparency and auditability: 
    enhanced visualization allows all stakeholders  to observe impacts of water use – managers,  shareholders, govt., public


Waterfund and IBM are pioneering the leading financial benchmark for the global water industry. Waterfund also provides investment and risk management to select water finance organizations around the world.